Our Solution for


Property Management

Enable smarter property management with location intelligence. Zeelo launched the world’s first indoor navigation solution on gaming floors at an industry-leading, world class integrated resort, with no signal interference on original infrastructures.

Smart District

Transform any district into a smart district with location technology. With branded avatars and a personalized experience, indoor and outdoor seamless transitions, guests can have a personalized location experience like never before.



Upgrade an airport to a smarter one. Push flight reminders at the right place and right time with proximity messaging, guide passengers to their boarding gate, and even suggest events for them to do before boarding, such as shopping according to their interests.

Mass Transit

Provide train boarding and alighting alerts, guide passengers to their interchange trains and navigation to their destination as well as indoor navigation at train stations.


Conference Experience

Provide a premium conference experience to event participants. Welcome them at the door, prompt the next item on the agenda to the audience at a certain conference halls, and crowd control to ensure smooth event flow.


Provide COVID-19 tracking for a safe and relaxed environment. Guests can enjoy a contactless check-in and check-out process along with tailored messages through automatic push notifications when they enter different zones.