Indoor Location Services

Zeelo provides the most accurate indoor positioning performance by collaborating with IndoorAtlas and utilizing a hybrid positioning technology of BLE beacons and magnetic resources, to achieve the accuracy of 1-3 meters.

Functions include:
- Real time turn-by-turn navigation
- Geofenced notification

Location-based AR

Bringing the navigation experience to the next level! Enrich the smart journey experience with 3D avatars, virtual signages, a social wall, nearby points of interest and gamification features.

Functions include:
- AR navigation
- AR signage
- AR social wall interaction

Location-based ConfEx solutions

This solution is tailormade for any conference or exhibition venue providers. Provide timely information on the spot for direct engagement with visitors or exhibitors, send personalized recommendations to the user’s mobile to trigger further exploration, and enable users to buy tickets within a few taps.

Functions include:
- Create & Update Events
- Status & Scheduling
- Highlighted and Hot Events
- Event Types & Groups
- Keywords input
- Call to Action

Location intelligence solutions

Intelligence beyond location! Gain valuable insight with data visualizations in real-time and historical heat maps of dwell time and the user’s journey path with our extensive data analytics driven back-end.

Functions include:
- Heat map analysis
- Dwell time analysis
- User journey analysis
- Traffic flow analysis

Solutions to fight COVID-19

Contact tracing and optimization platform using location positioning technology.

Functions include:
- Auto check in/out for public transportation
- Auto check in/out of venues such as restaurants and offices
- Vaccination passport
- Decentralized network